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Refrigerated air conditioning is one of the best investments you can make. It will ensure that you and your loved ones stay comfortable in your home during the intense Texas summers. Evaporating and swamp air conditioners are okay, but they don't combat the heat the same way that quality refrigerated air does. 

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Fast courteous and fair

Our air conditioning unit for our upstairs stopped working back in mid-May. after literally messing around with our home warranty company and unable to get a contractor assigned for a month, we contacted One Way. They came out the same day...

Mollie M.

Great Company!

This company is great! Great timing they work with you and sent someone fast in such a short notice of time. I give them 5 stars, very professional. I personally want to thank...

Marcos T.

Highly Recommend

Miguel came out immediately to check out our air unit after hours, he was professional and very knowledgeable. We thought we were going to need to buy a brand new unit, but he fixed the issue quickly, and saved us money...

Sarah R.

Great communication and service

I needed my AC unit repaired. One Way Refrigeration was quick to arrive, and diagnose the problem and I had the repairs done the next day once the parts arrived. Great communication, great service...

Andrew B.

Help in our time of need

One Way Refrigeration helped us in a time of need. Our A/C was not cooling like it used to and the heat was on 102 degrees. Their technician Adrian showed up within hours of our cry for help....

Peter J.

Benefits of Installing a New AC Unit

At One Way Heating and Cooling, we understand that an AC installation in El Paso can cost money. However, with the importance and benefits that come with a new air conditioning unit, you’ll know just how great an investment this replacement can be.

Here are some of those benefits so that you can consider them for yourself:

Lower Cooling Bills

Have your utility bills been higher than normal lately? If so, it's likely because you have an old, inefficient air conditioner that may need more AC maintenance than necessary. By upgrading to a new refrigerated air conditioning unit, your El Paso AC installation can reduce these bills and save hundreds of dollars annually.

Fewer Repairs and Maintenance Costs

Installing a new heating and cooling unit will also save money on AC repair costs. The older your AC is, the more maintenance it requires to keep it up and running. There's also a better chance that it will break down and require an expensive repair.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

If you're concerned with your health and that of your family or employees, you should consider your indoor air quality. Your AC circulates and recirculates air throughout your home or business, and if you have an old unit, there's a good chance it's not clean air. This can lead to unwanted lung conditions and turn your El Paso heating and cooling system into a health hazard.

A Unit That Fits Your Home

Getting a new El Paso refrigerated air conditioning unit installed by One Way is the best way to ensure your AC is big enough to condition your home. Our experts will perform load and sizing calculations to ensure you have the right unit.


Why Switch AC Units

For many El Pasoans, checking AC installation off of their list is a no-brainer. Nobody wants their air conditioning to break down during the Texas summers. The best way to keep this from happening is by switching out your old AC unit for a new one courtesy of One Way.

And with so many benefits that can save you money from future headaches, our heating and cooling services in El Paso make sure you feel comfortable even in the middle of a Texas heat wave.

Common Issues with Old ACs

Along with causing high energy bills and giving out at inconvenient times, there are many other issues that are common with older AC units.

Each of these problems will further decrease the efficiency of your unit and are even harmful to the environment.


Converting From Swamp to Refrigerated Air

Swamp coolers, although once popular, are outdated and declining in popularity. They simply don't do as good of a job at conditioning your home as a refrigerated air conditioning unit. However, because of the cost and complication of upgrading from swamp to refrigeration, many people procrastinate their AC installation in El Paso.

At One Way, we make converting from swamp to refrigeration as quick, easy, and affordable as possible. We offer financing options to make the switch easier on your wallet, and we handle all the work from start to finish.

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What is Refrigerated Air?

Refrigerated air is the future of air conditioning in El Paso and around the world. Rather than relying on evaporation to keep your home cool, refrigerated air utilizes refrigeration, which circulates through a closed-loop system. That way, it helps generate cold air through your home or business. Refrigerated air conditioners also produce colder air than swamp units and do a much better job of eliminating Texas humidity.

Why Choose One Way

At One Way Heating and Cooling, we have more than 20 years of AC installation experience. We also work with the best brands and products in the heating and cooling industry. You can rest assured that your new AC will fit your needs when you entrust us with the installation.

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