AC Maintenance in El Paso

Keep Your Air Conditioner Running

If you want to avoid AC repair costs and untimely air conditioning issues, you should consider investing in AC maintenance in El Paso. One Way Heating and Cooling is one of the premier experts for HVAC, helping you keep your AC working properly. We employ the latest technology and equipment to ensure that we deliver top-notch service every time.

Your air conditioner is one of the most important and hard-working appliances for your home or business. The coils, filters, and fins on your AC require routine maintenance to keep it functioning reliably. Neglecting necessary maintenance on your HVAC unit will result in a steady decline in your air conditioner's performance and a spike in energy costs.

In addition to top-notch AC maintenance in El Paso, we also offer AC installation and repair services. Our company contractors install air conditioning units from some of the leading brands, as well as carry a wide range of repairs and replacements for different HVAC units, including heating and cooling. That way, we can take care of any repair issues you may have.

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Benefits of AC Maintenance

In addition to ensuring that your AC will be ready and operational when you need it most, here are some of the other benefits of AC maintenance.

One Way Heating and Cooling can help you keep your HVAC system running smoothly, providing cold refrigerated air in El Paso. We have state-of-the-art technology, which we use to ensure that our service is of the best quality possible.

Check Out Our El Paso AC Maintenance Plan

Now that you know how important AC maintenance is, check out our top-of-the-line AC maintenance plan! This plan covers both your heating and cooling units and costs $216 for one unit and $312 for two units.

Summer Maintenance

  • One visit
  • Check refrigerant levels and perform a leak check
  • Inspect all electrical components, including thermostats, wiring contactors, breakers, and clear contacts.
  • Test high and low-pressure safeties and fan controls
  • Replace filters
  • Inspect the evaporator condenser and clean the coils
  • Inspect all belts
  • Inspect motors, bearings, and lubricate them
  • Check the operation of thermostat and controllers

Winter Maintenance

  • One visit
  • Clean ignition and flame sensor
  • Clean and inspect the furnace heat exchanger
  • Test for carbon monoxide and gas leaks
  • Inspect controls and safeties of the entire system
  • Test high and low-pressure safeties and fan controls
  • Replace filters
  • Inspect the evaporator condenser and clean the coils
  • Lubricate parts if necessary
  • Tighten electrical connections and check for proper voltage

With our One Way family plan, you benefit from priority service before new customers and a 10% discount on any repairs for you and your family. Additionally, if you are looking to replace your refrigerated air system and have a maintenance agreement, you also get 10% off. For every year that you have an HVAC maintenance agreement with us, you get $100 off towards a new AC replacement for ten years, saving you $1,000. 

Our AC maintenance plan is an ideal and low-cost way of ensuring you get the best quality preventative maintenance service on an ongoing basis. Best yet, our maintenance plan covers both your AC and heater! Contact us today to schedule an appointment, learn about financing options, or learn more about our services!

Yearly Maintenance is Essential for Your AC

Even if you don't want to join our maintenance plan, it's still essential to invest in annual AC maintenance in El Paso. You don't have to be a member of the One Way family to receive first-class treatment and a high-quality inspection.

Why Choose Us

With more than 20 years of experience in the El Paso heating and cooling industry, One Way is a one-stop shop for all your HVAC needs, with financing options and warranties that will have you saving more money than spending it. From maintenance and repairs to installations and replacements, we're the team for you that will bring your home or business the refrigerated air it needs.

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If you're ready to invest in the best AC maintenance in El Paso, look no further than One Way Heating and Cooling. Our bi-annual appointments are essential to ensure your air conditioner is ready to go when summer rolls around.

And for year-round care, we offer other HVAC services for air conditioning repair and installation, as well as heating installation, repair, and maintenance.

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