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Your air conditioner is one of the most important appliances in your home, especially during the intense heat of an El Paso summer. As such, it's extremely inconvenient, and even dangerous, when your air conditioner isn't working. Unfortunately, AC damage is more common than you might think, leaving many residents stranded without refrigerated air.

If your residential or commercial air conditioner isn't working correctly, investing in AC repair is essential. No matter the issue or how complicated it is, we're here to help. One Way Heating and Cooling is your go-to air conditioning repair company. Our only goal is to keep your home or business cool with our residential HVAC services for the best refrigerated air in the Southwest.

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Common Causes of AC Issues

While air conditioners are durable, long-lasting appliances, many internal and external things can cause El Paso heating and cooling systems to end up damaged.

Some of the most common causes are:

High Heat

The one thing that Texas has no shortage of is extreme heat. Unfortunately, the hotter it is outside, the harder your air conditioner will have to work to cool your home. This can lead to overheating and the need for AC repair in El Paso.

Pests & Rodents

Pests and rodents are one of the biggest threats to air conditioners. Snakes, mice, insects, and other pests can climb inside your air conditioner and come into contact with different internal heating and cooling components. When this happens, it can fry the control board and result in AC damage.

Weather Elements

Aside from the heat, other weather elements such as hail, rain, and high winds can also lead to air conditioner damage.

Internal Issues

In addition to each of the external dangers your air conditioner faces, there are also a ton of problems that can happen with its internal components.

AC Warning Signs to Watch Out For

The good news is that air conditioners typically don’t experience a serious AC repair issue instantly. There are warning signs to watch out for that could indicate a possible heating and cooling problem, such as:

If you notice any of these warning signs, contact us at One Way online or at (915) 525-5737 to have the problem inspected and repaired.

The AC Repair Process

Every AC problem is different. As such, our AC repair process will vary depending on the nature of the problem.

For a general case, here is what to expect from our AC repair in El Paso:

No matter the problem, One Way will be more than happy to walk you through the repair process and answer any questions or concerns you might have. Depending on the cost, we also offer financing options.

Converting from Evaporative to Refrigeration

In addition to our El Paso AC repair and maintenance, we can also take your home cooling system to the next level with refrigerated air conditioning. Air conditioners that use refrigeration will keep your home cooler and more comfortable than those that rely on evaporation. Contact us if you're ready to upgrade to the best home cooling system.

Why Choose One Way

When you require refrigerated air repair, it's important to hire the best and most experienced technicians in the business. With more than 40 years of heating and cooling experience, we've seen and fixed every problem imaginable. As such, you can rest assured that when you hire us, your AC will be back up and running before you know it.


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If your air conditioner is on the fritz and you need fast and professional air conditioning repair services, look no further than One Way Heating and Cooling. We service and repair all makes and models of air conditioners and all types of AC units for your needs. And if you have any other issues with your HVAC system, we also offer AC installation, heater installation, repair, and maintenance.

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