Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need a new air conditioner?

The average lifespan of an air conditioner is 15 to 20 years. Therefore, if your AC is nearing this age, you should consider replacing it. Other signs and symptoms of an air conditioner that may need to be replaced include: 

Constant freeze-ups
Frequent cycling, AKA turning on and off
Your AC is making strange noises
There are foul odors coming near or around your AC
Your air conditioner is blowing warm air instead of cold air
Your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant 

What are the signs and symptoms that my furnace is giving out?

The average lifespan of a furnace is 20 to 25 years, so if your furnace is older than this, you should consider replacing it. Other signs and symptoms of a furnace that's giving out include:

It's not blowing any air despite being turned on
Your utility bills are higher than normal
You don't have much air coming out of your vents
Your furnace is constantly setting off the carbon monoxide detector
You hear strange noises or smell strange smells coming out of your furnace

Is HVAC maintenance really important?

As with regular checkups at the dentist or your doctor, HVAC maintenance is extremely important. It can prolong the life of your HVAC system and address minor problems before they become major repairs. One Way Heating & Cooling in El Paso is ready to provide maintenance to your HVAC system.

Can I perform my own HVAC maintenance?

While it's important to invest in professional El Paso HVAC maintenance once or twice per year, there are a few maintenance items you can attend to yourself. For instance, you should replace your furnace filters every three to six months, depending on the type of filter you have. You can also clean the inside and outside of your indoor and outdoor units once per year to extend their lifespan.

What size system do I need?

The size of the El Paso heating and cooling system you need will depend on the size of your home, how many rooms there are, and many other factors. Only a heating and cooling professional, like the ones at One Way Heating and Cooling in El Paso, can properly size and install the right system for your home.

Should I replace my furnace and air conditioner at the same time?

While it might be more cost-effective to replace your furnace and air conditioner at the same time, there's no rule saying you have to. If only one of these appliances gives out but the other one still has years of life remaining, there's no reason to replace both at the same time.

Why does my air conditioner have ice on the outside?

If your air conditioner starts icing or freezing up on the outside or inside coils or on the copper pipes connected to it, you have a problem. The most likely culprits are that the refrigerant in your air conditioner is leaking or that there's an airflow problem. You'll need to call One Way Heating & Cooling for AC repair in El Paso.

How often should I have professional HVAC maintenance performed?

For HVAC systems less than five years old, we recommend annual professional maintenance. However, for HVAC systems older than this, we recommend professional maintenance twice per year, once during spring and once during fall.

Why is there a popping noise every time my HVAC system starts up?

The popping noise you hear when your furnace fan turns on is your ducts expanding. In most cases, this is because they are too small to handle your current airflow, and they should be replaced with larger ones.

What is the best type of heating and air conditioning system?

As with furnace, air conditioner, and duct sizing, only an HVAC professional can tell you the best type of system for your home. In most cases, however, it's a split system with a furnace inside, an AC outside, and ductwork running throughout your home.

Does my HVAC system affect my indoor air quality?

Your HVAC system has a significant impact on your indoor air quality. If your ducts are full of dirt, pollen, and other contaminants, they will get circulated throughout your home every time the furnace or AC turns on. Therefore, it's a good idea to have your indoor air quality tested so that you can make adjustments as needed.

Is a smart thermostat worth the money?

While smart thermostats cost a pretty penny upfront, they'll result in savings down the road. Smart thermostats learn your temperature preferences and self-adjust as needed. You can also turn your HVAC system on and off and adjust it accordingly with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop while you're away from home.

How often should I replace my HVAC filters?

There are many different types of HVAC air filters, and how often you need to replace them will depend on the type of filter. The average, however, is every three months or as needed.

Who should I contact for HVAC maintenance in El Paso?

Whether you need air conditioning or furnace maintenance, repairs, replacement, or installation, One Way Heating and Cooling is the team to call. We're leaders when it comes to heating and cooling in El Paso, and we can address any questions or concerns you might have. Contact us online or call (915) 525-5737 today.